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Rovasac has been specialised in the production of paper and plastic bags and the import of PP bags and big bags for more than 30 years.

Rova - Rovasac is specialised in finding and offering solutions for packaging. Together with our customers, we always work towards a tailor-made solution.

Thanks to our experience in the production of paper and plastic bags, we can offer you solutions that meet your needs for personalised or non-personalised packaging. In our range we also have woven polypropylene bags, big bags, net bags loose or on a roll, sewing thread and other accessories.

Thanks to our knowledge of packaging, we have developed packaging machines with an excellent performance/quality/price ratio.
We supply automatic bagging lines from weigher to palletiser, adapted to your specific needs by means of own design, construction and assembly. The installation and after-sales service is provided by our own technical department!

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